QQI Inaugural Review

QQI Inaugural Review of Quality Assurance for LWETB

The Inaugural Review of Quality Assurance of all 16 Education and Training Boards is well underway, with LWETB part of the third and final cycle of reviews.

It is a very exciting time for LWETB as it allows us to reflect on Quality Assurance arrangements in place, spotlighting all the hard work and good practices that staff maintain on a daily basis and highlighting areas to focus on for improvement in the future.

This is the largest self-evaluation that LWETB has undertaken and comprises of a cross-organisational review that includes all levels of management, administration, teaching staff and learners.

This is your report – learners, staff, wider community and industry. Your voice will be heard through questionnaires, world cafés, feedback forms and more along with being represented on our self-evaluation steering group. Together you provide the most valuable insight into the organisation!

Over the coming months, LWETB will be producing 2 reports – Provider Profile and Self-Evaluation Reports. Once completed, QQI will appoint external reviewers (national and international) for their expertise in one or more specific areas, providing perspectives from education & training, quality assurance, learner voice, community and industry.

These documents are very important as it will allow LWETB to frame future goals and provide direction to improve the service to all our learners, staff and larger community, improve quality assurance processes that need updating and allowing LWETB be the leader in education and training in Longford and Westmeath.

Throughout the coming months we will provide progress updates and how to become part of this exciting process. If you would like to get involved or feel you have a view or opinion to share with us, we would love to hear from you. Simply email us at [email protected].

Once completed, the final reports will be published online and through our social media channels.