The Local Youth Club Grant Scheme (LYCGS) supports volunteer-led youth club/group activities by providing grant aid towards the costs of running local clubs and groups. Funding for the Scheme is provided by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA) and is part funded by proceeds of the National Lottery. It is administered locally by LWETB.

To be eligible for funding from the Local Youth Club Grant Scheme, the club/group must satisfy the following criteria:
• It must be volunteer-led and it must be based on the voluntary participation of young people.
• 75% of the club/group members must be between the ages of 10 and 21.
• It must be able to clearly outline the benefits of club/group membership for young people who participate in its programmes.
• The club/group must adhere to the requirements set out in Section 2 of the Application Form.
• The club/group must be fully compliant with all requirements set out in the Children First Act (2015).
• All adult volunteers working with young people must have been Garda vetted before they start volunteering.
• Appropriate insurance cover must be in place.
• Volunteers must have access to a first aid kit and must be able to use it correctly.
• The club/group must have a Health and Safety Statement, Policy or Procedures. (Note: this applies to clubs/groups that own premises. Clubs/groups that do not own premises must confirm that they have seen and operate to the building’s Health and Safety Policy.)

Clubs that were in receipt of Local Youth Club Grant Scheme funding in 2019 must complete the Club Report Form which is included in the form, and return it along with their application.
Clubs/groups whose primary focus is sport are not eligible to receive funding under the Scheme.
The maximum grant that can be awarded to any club/group is €3,000.

How To Apply

In light of the unprecedented events unfolding regarding Covid 19 and in order to comply with the current government advice, LWETB is issuing the following guidance to groups and clubs wishing to apply under the scheme this year.  Please note the following:

  • Soft, i.e. electronic applications only should be submitted to  Please do not send applications in the Post.

  • The application should be sent from the email address of the person responsible for the application and both Chairperson and Treasurer should be cc’d in the correspondence.

  • Applications should be completed in Word version, with typed names in the declaration section.  The normal requirement for two signatures (Chairperson and Treasurer) is not required, at this time.  LWETB may require this in the future.

  • In light of the instructions regarding social distancing LWETB is advising against members, leaders, chairperson and treasurer meeting/getting together in person to complete or sign the application.  Where applications have been signed prior to this notice, the application should be scanned and sent in soft PDF copy.

  • The closing date of 3rd April applies.

  • All other criteria of the scheme apply.

The Application Form is available to download here. Further information on the Scheme is included in the Guidance Notes here.

The closing date for receipt of fully completed application forms is 5pm Friday 3rd April 2020. Late applications will not be considered.

Applications should be sent to:

Any queries in relation to the scheme should be directed to Maria Fox, Youth Officer on 086 3839451 or

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