Local Businesses Embrace ESG and Green Reporting Briefing

Some 40 local businesses, this week, reflect on a pivotal event that took place on Thursday April 25th. The ESG/Green Reporting Breakfast Briefing, was hosted by the Longford and Westmeath Education and Training Board (LWETB) Enterprise Engagement Team. It drew an impressive turnout of representatives from various sectors, making a significant step forward in the journey towards sustainability.

Organisers extend their appreciation to the attendees. A special acknowledgment is reserved for Michelle O’Donoghue, Partner and Gareth Fitzpatrick FCPA from RBK Chartered Accountants, whose presentations gave great insight and practical application around the subject.

The event was further enriched by the support of esteemed partners and supporters including John Costello of Regional Skills Forum, Tommy Hogan of the Athlone Chamber of Commerce and numerous agency representatives, whose collaborative spirit underscored the importance of collective action in advancing sustainable practices.

Expert presenters navigated the intricate landscape of ESG/CSRD regulations, offering invaluable insights from an accounting perspective. Attendees gained a comprehensive understanding of risks and opportunities inherent in these regulations, tailored to businesses of all sizes.

One of the key takeaways was the timeline for adoption and application across different business categories. Notably, the imperative for some SME’s to expediate the implementation process if they are supplying larger organisations. ‘For SMEs the path to success lies in early adoption and proactive date collation’, emphasised the presenters. ‘This not only ensures compliance but also enhances competitiveness in the tendering process with CSRD-compliant organisations.’

Challenges of implementation, issues with assurance and the broader implications for businesses were candidly addressed, underscoring the need for meticulous preparation. The session culminated in a comprehensive action plan, equipping participants with tangible steps to navigate the evolving regulatory landscape with confidence and foresight.

In Parallel SOLAS, proudly served as a gold sponsor for the National ESG Summit at Croke Park this week, reinforcing their commitment to fostering green skills and sustainability in the workforce. Through innovative micro-qualifications and tailored programs under the Skills to Advance initiative from LWETB, businesses are empowered to future proof their operations while contributing to a greener economy.

LWETB is calling on any organisations who already fall into CSRD reporting requirements to contact them for access to a new CSRD practical application training for their relevant team members.

Additionally, the next event is at the cutting edge of new emerging skills for anyone in employment, AI Skills- Bridging the Gap for All Business Roles, taking place at The Sheraton Hotel, Wednesday May 22nd.


Contact our Enterprise Engagement coordinator Alison Hogan with any queries and for more information [email protected] 085 8355281