Policies & Procedures

Longford and Westmeath Education and Training Board provides the below list of policies as an information resource for staff, learners/students and members of the public. 

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Bullying Prevention Policy –  Complaints for LWETB Staff

Bullying Prevention Policy – Complaint Procedure for LWETB Staff:  Guidance Notes

Harassment/Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy – Complaint Procedures for LWETB Staff

Harassment/Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy – Complaint Procedures for LWETB Staff: Guidance Notes

Designated Contact Persons (DCP)

Designated Contact Persons are the first point of contact for any person who feels they may be a victim of bullying or harassment. They are available to provide ‘off the record’ support during normal working hours. A trained DCP is available to both the complainant and the respondent party.

Details of your nearest contact person.

Grievance Procedure for LWETB Staff

Memorandum of Understanding LWETB Staff Grievance Procedure

Circular on Procedures for Suspension & Dismissal of Teachers and Principals

Procedures for Suspension LWETB & Dismissal of Principals

Procedures for Suspension LWETB & Dismissal of Teachers

Terms and Conditions for Teachers

LWETB Disciplinary Procedure non-teaching Staff

LWETB Managing Attendance & Sick Leave Policy

Superannuation Information:

Superannuation Scheme for 2015 Teachers – Explanatory Booklet
Superannuation Scheme for 2015 Officers – Explanatory Booklet

The Single Public Service Pension Scheme (SPSPS) started on 1 January 2013.  If you joined the public service on or after 1 January 2013 and are working in a pensionable post, this is likely the Pension Scheme that applies to you.  Existing employees who retire/resign and return after a break of 26 weeks or more will be members of the SPSPS on their return.

Find out more at the Single Public Service Pension Scheme website.

LWETB Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy

LWETB Protected Disclosures Policy

LWETB Code of Conduct for Staff


LWETB Data Breach Protocol

LWETB Hospitality and Gifts Policy

LWETB Hybrid Working Policy

LWETB Risk Management Policy

Travel and Subsistence Policy LWETB

LWETB Disposal of Fixed Assets Policy

Procurement Policy LWETB

LWETB ICT Acceptable Usage Policy



LWETB Social Media Policy

LWETB Policy and Procedure for the Management of Lone Working

Child Protection Policy for LWETB Staff

LWETB Technology Acceptable Usage Policy

LWETB Internet Acceptable Use Policy

LWETB Communications Policy

Visual Display Unit Policy LWETB

Health & Safety Policy LWETB

Data Processing Policy LWETB

Code of Practice for processing Complaints made by Parent(s)/Guardian(s) of a Students or Adult Learners currently enrolled in an LWETB school / Centre against a Staff Member employed by LWETB

Code of Practice for the Governance of Education and Training Boards

Code of Conduct for LWETB Members

LWETB Disclosure of Interest Policy

LWETB Supplier Charter

LWETB Quality Assurance Policies and Procedures

LWETB Human Rights and Equality Statement

LWETB Customer Service Complaints Procedure

LWETB Customer Service Action Plan

LWETB Customer Service Charter