Calling all Irish traditional young musicians – for a workshop with three of Irelands best talents in traditional Irish music. Dónal Lunny / Tara Breen / Pádraig Rynne

When: 19th December
Where: Online via Zoom
Sign up by emailing: [email protected]

Dónal Lunny: One of Irelands greatest ever composers, arrangers, and producers. Dónal will provide a class in his approaches to accompaniment in Irish music. He will teach some recent compositions of his showing learners the important approaches needed to succeed in complementing Irish Traditional music in arrangement and composition. This class is open to
learners with an interest in arrangement, melody playing, production and composition.

Pádraig Rynne: Learn composition in traditional Irish music as well as some recent compositions from Pádraig in the traditional form as well as time signatures such as 9/8, 7/8 etc. One of Irelands most celebrated composers, experience and learn the creative elements needed to grow your own roots in composition. This class is suitable for melody players with a good understanding of Irish traditional music and a flair for composition and arrangement.

Tara Breen: An experienced traditional musician and teacher, Tara will provide learners with essential tools in approaching melody playing within the genre. She will take you round the world with melodies from Ireland, Galicia, Brittany and even Nova Scotia. With melodies at the fore of this class, it’s open to all learners that would like to learn more melodies.